Wildlife Protection

Helping to protect our valuable wildlife

Wildlife protection

The Tree Surgeons are very proud of our environmental friendly Arboricultural services, not only for your trees and landscaping but also on our wildlife preservation services.
We are specialists in providing reptile fencing which help species such as Newts, lizards, slow worms, snakes, Dormice etc.
We are specialists in REPTILE FENCING used to catch reptiles on new build sites, for protection and movement to safer areas
Our Bat services such as Bat inspections and reporting can help with one of natures great creatures as the bats help us by feasting on midges and mosquitoes etc.
Protect our bats - http://www.bats.org.uk - The Water Vole the UK's fastest declining Mammal, The Vole* Top protection - Dormice very protected by law - Look after the Blackbird and you'll hear his sweet song-fantastic!
Below are images of just some of the creatures that we regularly help out with: